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Madison Jones: Deviated Septum

The Challenge: Deviated Septum 

Throughout much of her childhood, Madison Jones never noticed an issue with her nose. She always felt that it was growing along with her until she entered high school and developed a deviated septum after an accident while competing on the track and field team.

“I was doing high jumps, and my knee came down and cracked my nose,” Madison explains. “I think that might have been what affected it.”

She began having trouble breathing after her track accident and was no longer happy with the appearance of her nose. With the support of her family, she decided to undergo a rhinoplasty, a procedure designed to adjust the appearance of the nose and correct breathing issues caused by birth defects or injuries like a deviated septum.

The Path to the UPMC Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

In February 2020, Madison had her first consultation with Dr. Guy Stofman, who also performed a rhinoplasty on her father about 15 years ago.

“In high school, my dad kept telling me, ‘If you want to get your nose done, it’s no big deal,’” Madison says.

She always knew in the back of her mind that a rhinoplasty was an option for her. Madison’s father was satisfied with his rhinoplasty from Dr. Stofman, and other members of her family had the procedure and would support her if she ever decided to get one as well.

The Solution: Rhinoplasty

During a rhinoplasty, surgeons make incisions inside and outside of the nostrils to expose the underlying cartilage and bone. The skin on the nose is lifted so that the surgeon can remodel the cartilage and bone structures, and after the procedure is complete, the skin is redraped over the altered structures.

At first, Madison felt nervous and uncertain – she wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of how the procedure would alter the appearance of her face. However, Dr. Stofman and his team of anesthesiologists, physician assistants, and nurses were informative and approachable, making her feel like “there was nothing to worry about at all.”

“They explained everything down to the last bit of information, and I learned a lot from this experience,” Madison says. “In my opinion, you really have to trust your surgeon. Through the whole process, I really had no doubts.”

Dr. Stofman is a nationally recognized plastic surgeon who currently serves as chief of plastic surgery at UPMC Mercy. He is renowned for his expertise in rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and facial cosmetic surgery, and has published more than 50 articles on a variety of plastic surgery subjects.

The Results

“I’m actually happier with the results than what I expected,” Madison explains. “Going into it, I kind of thought that the procedure was going to change my whole look, but Dr. Stofman made sure that my nose fits my face.”

Madison feels that the team went above and beyond to give her world-class care. She hasn’t had any complications during her recovery, and her breathing has improved as well. The chronic sinus infections she experienced after the deviated septum in high school haven’t returned since her operation.

“Dr. Stofman and his staff are very welcoming and genuine, and I think that they really care about each patient,” Madison says.“Every time Dr. Stofman would come in and go over everything, if I didn’t understand what he said, his physician assistant would stay with me and answer questions, concerns, or anything I was worried about. She would always make me feel so much better.”

Dr. Stofman even called her on the night that she got home from the hospital to see how she was feeling and asked if she had any other questions related to the surgery.

“I was telling my mom that I couldn’t believe he called me and was checking up to see how I was doing,” Madison recalls. “I just felt like I was important to him.”