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UPMC Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Services

UPMC’s Department of Plastic Surgery includes specialized programs that offer a variety of comprehensive surgical services for those seeking both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

We focus on providing the best care possible so that you, or someone you love, can achieve the changes you want. Our advanced programs and specialty services include:

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center

Our highly skilled team of surgeons and aestheticians offers a variety of surgical and medical techniques to help you meet your body enhancement goals.

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Gender-Affirming Surgery

Our surgeons offer procedures to modify a patient’s external appearance to make it more congruent with their internal gender identity.

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Hand Plastic Surgery Program

Our surgeons offer comprehensive skeletal and soft tissue treatment for hand and wrist conditions.

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Hidradenitis Suppurativa Surgery Program

We can reduce your pain and suffering from hidradenitis suppurativa with our novel surgical technique.

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Life After Weight Loss Program

Our program is nationally and internationally recognized for innovative body contouring surgical techniques following massive weight loss.

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Nerve Disorder Center

The UPMC Nerve Disorder Center provides diagnosis and treatment for an array of nerve conditions.

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Pediatric Plastic Surgery

Multidisciplinary pediatric are experienced in treating numerous medical conditions, from those impairing function to those that can affect a child’s self-esteem due to appearance.

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Plastic Surgery After Cancer

We offer restoration and reconstructive surgeries to help you regain a sense of your former self after cancer.

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Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Our experts can help restore your appearance, functionality, and mobility if you suffer from birth defects or trauma.

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Regenerative Cell and Tissue Therapies at UPMC

From fat grafting surgery to tissue regeneration techniques, our surgeons can harness the power of your own body to help you heal.

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