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Plastic Surgery Patient Stories

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Foot Fat Grafting

Clarissa Collier

Clarissa Collier — Fat Pad Atrophy

Clarissa Collier, a clinical research associate from Fishers, Indiana, started noticing problems with her feet. Clarissa had danced since she was 13 years old and later became an avid triathlon competitor. But dancing and running hurt; even walking caused her pain. After visiting a doctor, she was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis.

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Richard Lubarsky - Fat Pad Atrophy Patient Story

Richard Lubarsky — Fat Pad Atrophy

Richard Lubarsky remembers the day his foot problems started and made running, his passion, unbearably painful. He was diagnosed with fat pad atrophy – a condition caused by the thinning of the protective fat cushion around the bones of the foot. After his search for treatment locally was unsuccessful, Richard turned to UPMC for help.

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Sharman Johnson Patient Story

Sharman Johnson — Fat Pad Atrophy

Sharman Johnson is a dentist practicing in Washington, D.C. who leads an active lifestyle. But for a long time, Sharman dealt with extreme foot pain that made exercise difficult, if not impossible. Sharman went to a local podiatrist who determined that she had Morton's Neuroma.

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Sarah Fenton Patient Story

Sarah Fenton — Plantar Fasciitis

Sarah Fenton enjoyed an active lifestyle in Colorado, which included swimming, biking, and running. At age 35, she started noticing tightness in her left calf and foot. Her friends, active runners themselves, told Sarah she must have plantar fasciitis. A local doctor confirmed the diagnosis.

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Life After Weight Loss

Eric Life After Weight Loss Patient StoryEric Schiemer — Life After Weight Loss

After losing 150 pounds, Eric’s excess skin diminished his quality of life. He turned to the Life After Weight Loss program, where surgeons removed his excess skin, greatly improving Eric’s quality of life.

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Marcelle Holiday Life After Weight Loss Patient StoryMarcelle Holiday — Life After Weight Loss

Marcelle weighed more than 285 pounds, and at age 37 became borderline diabetic. After a successful weight loss journey with the bariatric surgery program, Marielle turned to Life After Weight Loss for the next phase.

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Yolanda EvansYolanda Evans — Life After Weight Loss

Through gastric sleeve surgery, Yolanda achieved a weight loss of 110 pounds. Although happy with the weight loss, it also caused an excess of skin that Yolanda didn't like. She turned to Life After Weight Loss for help.

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Madison Jones Rhinoplasty PatientMadison Jones — Deviated Septum

After an accident on the high school track and field team left her with a deviated septum, Madison Jones developed breathing problems she hadn't experienced before. To get the issue corrected, Madison turned to Dr. Guy Stofman and his team at UPMC.

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