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The McGowan Institute Patient Stories

Hemolung RAS: A Bridge Before Lifesaving Double-Lung Transplant

Suffering from cystic fibrosis and rejecting the transplanted lungs he had gotten just 2 years ago, Jon Sacker, 33, came to UPMC from his hometown in Moore, Oklahoma, as a last resort. But when his carbon dioxide levels spiked, making him too sick for another transplant, his family feared the worst.

“I thought I had brought my husband here to die,” said Mr. Sacker's wife, Sallie.

Instead, UPMC clinicians turned to a Pittsburgh-made device called the Hemolung Respiratory Assist System (RAS) that would filter out harmful carbon dioxide and provide healthy oxygen to his blood, giving Mr. Sacker a chance to gain enough strength to undergo a lifesaving transplant. He became the first person in the U.S. to be implanted with the Hemolung RAS; a month later, he underwent a double lung transplant and today is on the road to recovery.

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UPMC Media Relations News Release.

Facial Reconstruction with Fat Grafting

Traumatic facial injuries — from motor vehicle accidents, gunshots, military combat, or other incidents — can cause debilitating effects, such as sunken, jagged facial features and increased scarring. While surgeons can often reconstruct the bones of the face, it's difficult to return the soft tissue back to its original form.

Fat grafting is a common procedure — plastic surgeons performed approximately 65,000 in 2011 — however, using it for facial reconstruction is a completely new, experimental use of this well-known treatment. It is believed this technique of fat grafting could be of significant benefit to patients with severe head and face injuries.

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