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Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) in North Central Pa.

OMM is a hands-on therapy to prevent, treat, and manage nerve, muscle, bone, skull, or spine issues.

The goal of OMM is to restore healthy function to your body. The focus is on healing the whole person, not just your symptoms or health problems.

OMM therapy doctors have special training in techniques like stretching, gentle pressure, and resistance to help you find relief.

Treating Pain and Health Conditions with OMM

OMM can be an effective way to manage pain.

People of all ages may turn to these treatments to ease pain from an injury, illness, or disease.

Some of the health problems we treat with OMM include:

  • Arthritis.

  • Back, neck, and joint pain.

  • Post-concussive syndrome.

  • Sports and overuse injuries.

  • Tension and migraine headaches.

Doctors may suggest OMM along with other orthopaedic treatments or sports physical therapy to give you complete care.

What to Expect During Your OMM Appointment

During treatment, your doctor may shift, stretch, bend, or apply gentle pressure to parts of your body.

This may occur while you’re lying down or sitting upright.

It shouldn’t hurt, and your doctor can adjust the techniques to meet your needs.

Contact Us About OMM at UPMC Williamsport

We offer OMM at UPMC Williamsport.

To make an appointment at:

  • Physical Medicine and Rehab, call 570-321-2600.

  • Williamsport Family Medicine Residency Center, call 570-321-2345.