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Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Patient Stories in North Central Pa.

Read rehabilitation and physical therapy patient stories from UPMC Rehabilitation Institute in north central Pa.

Sara and Declan M.: Pediatric Rehabilitation

Sara and Declan M., Pediatric Rehabilitation

Sara was desperate. Her 3-year-old son, Declan — diagnosed with autism and a rare food allergy that made eating difficult — had aged out of an early intervention program where he received occupational, physical, and speech therapy. His new program focused on school readiness, but he still needed help with feeding and daily living skills. That’s when she turned to UPMC Pediatric Rehab for help.

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Jerry Wilson: LSVT BIG® Physical Therapy for Parkinson's

Jerry works on an upper arm bicycle machine as part of his physical therapy.

After receiving his Parkinson's diagnosis, Jerry knew exercise could help control his symptoms and improve his overall health and well-being. That's when he turned to Mindy, a UPMC physical therapist and certified LSVT provider.

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Diane: Pelvic Pain

Diane | Pelvic Pain Patient | UPMC

After suffering from pain and meeting with a specialist, Diane received an individualized treatment program, including exercises and relaxation techniques, to treat the pain and relax the pelvic floor.

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Tim Bartlett: Physical Therapy and Rehab

Tim Bartlett and wife

The swing-bed unit at UPMC Muncy helped Tim Bartlett recover in time to celebrate Christmas with his family.

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Graham Hertwig: Pediatric Rehabilitation

Graham Hertwig | UPMC

Graham Hertwig was diagnosed with global development disorder and autism spectrum disorder and began physical therapy with a UPMC pediatric therapist.

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Steve Wenzel: Traumatic Brain Injury

Steve Wenzel | UPMC

Steve Wenzel fell off a ladder and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Learn more about his experience at UPMC.

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Tru: Pediatric Rehabilitation Patient Story

Image of Tru on an exercise ball with her therapist holding a stuffed zebra.

Tru was born with multiple complex medical conditions that impacted her development. Thanks to her loving and committed family, and the dedicated pediatric rehabilitation therapists at UPMC Pediatric Rehab in Williamsport, she is functioning at the highest level at home, in school, and outdoors with her active family.

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