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About UPMC Senior Services

We're a Catalyst for Change

UPMC Senior Services provides integrated, comprehensive and timely access to a full range of services for older adults, families, and caregivers.

We're committed to serving the specialized needs of our community's aging population, and we're always thinking about how to do it better. We then share our knowledge with the world, to improve aging research and contribute to the advancement of geriatric medicine.

Dedicated to Advancing Geriatric Knowledge Through Research and Education

By combining a world-class health care delivery with groundbreaking research and scholarship opportunities, UPMC Senior Services sets the standard for excellence in geriatric care. 

Professionals in the geriatrics field

If you're a practicing professional in geriatrics, you're in good company at UPMC Senior Services. Our researchers and clinicians are committed to advancing the science and art of aging well. We're dedicated to creating new programs for seniors and performing aging-related studies to benefit senior health care.

Connecting to the Community

Our partnerships allow us to draw upon the knowledge of a diverse network of experts in geriatrics and gerontology. Together, we devote more resources to the field of aging than nearly any other academic medical center in the country.