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UPMC Senior Services

UPMC Senior Services connects older adults - and their loved ones and caregivers - with helpful resources, programs, and learning opportunities in support of aging well. Additionally, UPMC Senior Services provides state-of-the-art training and education to professionals specific to the concerns of the aging population.


UPMC Senior Services works to translate best practices into supportive programs to empower older adults and their caregivers. Engaging with colleagues across the UPMC health system and partnering with community organizations drives new ideas and problem solving.

These opportunities are supported by committed researchers and health care professionals who are passionate about aging and about growing the foundation of related expertise unique to UPMC. Learn more about the University of Pittsburgh Aging Institute.


From in-home caregivers to hospital clinicians and front-line staff, UPMC Senior Services continues to educate audiences on the physical, mental, and social challenges faced by older adults. UPMC Senior Services offers extensive educational training programs, community outreach, literature, videos, and simulations aimed at increasing awareness and improving the direct care and treatment of aging adults — today and tomorrow.


Too often, seniors and their caregivers are isolated by the stress of the challenges they face and unaware of the resources available. Bridging that gap is a key objective of UPMC Senior Services. Through our outreach, we are building awareness and empowering older adults, families, and caregivers through informed decision making and access to needed support.