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Nutrition Consultations at UPMC in Central Pa.

Our seasoned dietitians are also available to meet with you for guidance in the following areas:

General Health and Wellness:

  • Identify your ideal body weight
  • Calories, nutrients, portion control, food choices, specialized diets and grocery shopping
  • Recipes to help you incorporate new foods into your diet
  • Monitor and evaluate your progress through body composition analysis

Pregnancy Support:

  • Learn to make the food choices your body needs for a healthy pregnancy
  • Weight management during pregnancy
  • Gestational diabetes support to manage blood sugar throughout your pregnancy
  • Nutrient recommendations for multiples (twins, triplets, etc.)

Blood Sugar Control:

  • Learn to make food choices that will help you keep a level blood sugar throughout the day
  • Dietary modifications to help you manage your diabetes
  • Weight loss (if desired) to improve Type 2 Diabetes

PCOS Support:

  • Learn about how insulin resistance plays a role in your PCOS
  • Learn to make healthy choices for your metabolism to prevent problems with weight gain and fertility
  • Work on weight loss to improve symptoms and fertility

Eating Disorder Support:

  • Identify your ideal body weight
  • Empower you to achieve and maintain that weight
  • Personalize your exercise and meal plans
  • Monitor and evaluate your progress through body composition analysis
  • Coordination of care with your other providers

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