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UPMC Veteran Care Services

The UPMC Veteran Care Services team provides coordination across the UPMC system in Central Pa. for all referrals for care from any VA Medical Center in our region. It is Veterans "One Stop Shop" for all care coordination needs.

Why choose the UPMC team to provide Veteran Care?

Whether you are newly diagnosed with a medical condition, or just need a test that your Veterans Affairs Medical Center cannot conduct, the UPMC Veteran Care Services team is here to help. We work directly with your VA Medical Center to receive your referral, provide the service, and return you back to the VA Medical Center as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We are experts in managing the special needs of the Veteran community and understand the uniqueness of the illnesses and injuries a Veteran may have received during their time in service.  Your Veteran Care Services team will assist in the coordination of all of your appointments, transfer of records, and care you receive while here at UPMC.

We are very proud and very humbled to serve our Veteran community. This is our way of saying, Thank YOU!, for all you have done for us, our families, our friends, and our nation.

Services We Provide

We can coordinate between care between all of the following hospitals and all our specialty services:

We're Here to Help

We provide a single point of contact for Veterans and can help you with the following:

  • Scheduling appointments across all UPMC specialty clinics
  • Understanding the benefits of each referral and authorization
  • Setting up UPMC Central PA Portal (patient portal) account
  • Answering billing questions and providing help
  • Coordinating initial appointments
  • Coordinating additional referrals
  • Coordinating new referrals and authorizations
  • Serving as a direct liaison with your VA Medical Center
  • Providing regional support in all UPMC facilities for care
  • Doing order transcription based on VA provider requests
  • Sending/receiving all medical records between UPMC and the VA
  • Sending initial appointment reminders

Speak to a Veteran Care Referral Coordinator
Phone: 717-988-9355
Fax (Records Requests): 717-484-5488

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