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Whether you are an experienced runner or just beginning, knowing the basic guidelines can keep your program productive, safe, and injury free.

Common Running Injuries

Most running injuries result from running either too much, too often, or too fast. Beginners are especially prone to injuries.

Running injuries can be caused by improper shoes or improper style. Whatever the cause of the injury, it's important to deal with it and treat it, even if that means cutting back or taking time off.

Some common injuries include:

For athletes who have experienced a sports-related injury, UPMC Sports Medicine's orthopaedic surgeons, board certified physical therapists, and athletic trainers will help to speed recovery and restore function.

Preventing Running Injuries

Training tips and techniques

Running doesn't have to hurt. While it's true that the more an individual runs, the more at risk they are for an injury, some runners do manage to avoid getting hobbled by pain by developing healthy running habits.

  • Always begin running with a warm-up. Start slowly and stay at a slow pace for the first ten to 15 minutes of the run.
  • Buy the right shoes, and replace them before they get worn out.
  • In the case of small injuries, get in the habit of icing. This promotes deep circulation and healing.
  • Don't run every day. Take days off and cross train.
  • Don't try to run too fast. Build your ability to run distances before you try to run those distances fast.
  • Don't run too much before you're ready. Give your body time to get accustomed to running and its demands.
  • It's okay to take days off, especially if you have an injury. Take a few days off while the injury is minor, instead of running through the pain and being sidelined for months down the road.
  • Regardless of the temperature where you're running, you need to replace fluids to avoid dehydration.

Services We Offer

Runner's injury and performance treatment

Whether you're training for a marathon or just jogging for fun, a running injury doesn't have to slow you down.

Take advantage of our experts knowledge and experience in treating running injuries. Physicians specializing in sports medicine and athletic trainers assess injuries and provide treatment; and sports performance trainers perform comprehensive physiological and biomechanical gait assessment to enhance performance.

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