Education, Research, and Clinical Trials

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Multidisciplinary Thyroid Center

Education for Medical Professionals

The Multidisciplinary Thyroid Center regularly hosts a symposium for doctors and health care professionals from across the country. The most recent event was held virtually in the fall of 2022.

This innovative program provides a forum to discuss the latest methods for detecting, evaluating, and treating thyroid cancers. And, it enables medical professionals to apply these advances to the care of their own thyroid patients.

Thyroid Cancer Research

Physician-researchers at the Multidisciplinary Thyroid Center of the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center are pioneering efforts to develop novel strategies for earlier diagnosis, more effective treatment, and the prevention of thyroid cancer.

Current research projects include:

  • Breakthrough molecular genetic treatments and diagnostic methods for thyroid cancer
  • Novel biologic and targeted cancer therapies
  • UPMC Endocrine Surgery Disease Research Registry and Tissue Bank

Clinical Trials

UPMC Hillman Cancer Center and UPCI currently participate in more than 25 ongoing clinical trials in 14 different types of cancer.

Access to clinical trials

Patients can participate in the most promising therapies for advanced thyroid cancer, including cutting-edge clinical trials, through the Hillman Cancer Center.