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Urology Education and Training Opportunities

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About Our Programs

At UPMC, we are dedicated to the education and training of future generations of urologists.


The goal of our educational program is to combine high-volume surgical experience with a strong academic emphasis. Residents are enthusiastically encouraged and supported in their research interests, including presentations at national and international conferences.

This goal is met through three objectives:

  • Scholarship – making self-education a life-long vocation and pleasure
  • Surgical training – ample opportunity to hone and refine surgical skills is provided
  • Patient care – teaching at the bedside coupled with extensive outpatient clinic experience help develop residents into outstanding, caring physicians

Due to this training, many of our residents go on to fellowship to become sub-specialized surgeons. They are faculty in academic departments across the country, including a department chairman, as well as in private practice.

Learn more about the Urology Residency Program at UPMC.

Urologic Oncology Fellowship

The Urologic Oncology Fellowship is a Society of Urologic Oncology approved two-year non-ACGME fellowship.

The first year is an intensive clinical experience centered on a large practice of open and robotic oncology cases. Rotations in the first year also include exposure to medical oncology and radiation oncology. The second year is principally dedicated to clinical or laboratory basic science research.

The Director of the Fellowship is Benjamin Davies, MD.

Endourology, Laparoscopy, and Robotics Fellowship

The Endourology, Laparoscopy, and Robotics Fellowship is an Endourology Society approved two-year non-ACGME fellowship. The fellow will gain exposure and experience with complex kidney stone disease, percutaneous nephrolithotomy, including gaining access to the kidney, laparoscopy, and robotic assisted surgery.

The first year has a focus on research, both clinical and basic science, with patient care and surgical exposure, as well. The second year is principally dedicated to clinical practice and surgical experience. In addition, there is a comprehensive metabolic kidney stone clinic.

The Director of the Endourology, Laparoscopy, and Robotics Fellowship is Timothy Averch, MD. Additional faculty is Stephen Jackman, MD.

Pediatric Urology Fellowship

The Pediatric Urology Fellowship program is a two-year ACGME fellowship designed to provide the fellow a high-volume, well-rounded exposure to all clinical areas of pediatric urology.

In the operating room, the fellow will be exposed to multiple techniques and approaches to common urological problems. These will include endourological and laparoscopic approaches as well as more traditional procedures.

In the clinic, the fellow will be exposed to outpatient management of all pediatric urological diagnoses. The fellow will have extensive exposure to robotic surgery, a multidisciplinary disorders of sexual development clinic, stone clinic, and multidisciplinary conferences.

The second year offers opportunities for clinical research, basic science research, or accelerated certificate programs.

The Director of the Fellowship is Francis Schneck, MD. Additional faculty is Glenn Cannon, MD and Rajeev Chaudhry, MD.

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