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Business Innovation at UPMC

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UPMC builds its culture of compassionate health care around an entrepreneurial business model. We reward continual innovation, breakthrough ideas, and the swift, effective translation of research and development into practical products and services that benefit western Pennsylvanians and the global community.

UPMC is expanding the boundaries of Life Changing Medicine by:

  • Continuing to develop and refine UPMC’s western Pennsylvania operations in both clinical care and and an integrated family of insurance options, with particular attention to operational efficiency, integration, and positioning the organization for health care reform
  • By pursuing best-in-class quality results and reaching new heights of patient satisfaction and consumer empowerment, serving as a national model for the health care system of the future
  • Developing and investing in new businesses through UPMC Enterprises, which exists to help turn innovative ideas into growing, thriving companies that benefit the health care industry and patients alike  
  • Expanding clinical services and state-of-the-art medical expertise into international markets, including Italy, Ireland, China and Japan 
  • Pioneering information technology to link and integrate electronic medical records across multiple hospitals and care settings, both in UPMC's own network and as an exportable product
  • Building new paradigms on science and technology, such as regenerative medicine and biosecurity

In collaboration with business partners, UPMC is developing new models of connected medicine that integrate information technologies, electronic medical records, and devices to put patients at the center of health care.

The new businesses that UPMC launches, by itself or with strategic partners, foster innovation within UPMC and make health care advancements more quickly available to hospitals and physicians across the globe. By combining peerless clinical services, robust intellectual capital in biomedicine and technology, and proven management expertise, UPMC has taken a successful domestic model of comprehensive medicine to the world stage, sharing knowledge, pooling medical and scientific talent among nations, and accelerating innovation worldwide.