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Improving Patient Care

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UPMC is committed to continually looking for ways to improve patient care.

  • We strive to make your transition of care from hospital to home​ as safe and seamless as possible. At UPMC, we have discharge programs in place that are consistently being reviewed and updated to improve the patient experience. Our goal is for you to return home healthy and educated about your condition.
  • We provide extensive education and training to our clinical and support staff. Available education and training for UPMC employees focuses on improving the quality and safety of your care, as well as enhancing the way we communicate so that you and your family are better informed and knowledgeable about your care.
  • We are focused on ensuring the best possible patient experience. Getting excellent medical care is your top priority as a patient, but the quality of your overall experience at UPMC is also determined by many other factors, including the convenience of our care, the comfort and support you receive, and a caring and welcoming environment. The Wolff Center at UPMC has programs that are focused on enhancing your patient experience — and providing ways you can help us improve that experience.
  • We are committed to providing quality care at a lower cost. At UPMC, we are continually looking for ways to reduce the cost of our care — from strategic group purchasing decisions and eliminating duplicated testing to reducing unnecessary hospital readmissions— while simultaneously improving both the quality of and access to our care.