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Patient Safety

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At UPMC, patient safety is at the heart of our ability to provide reliable and consistent quality care. That is why we are committed to taking every step possible to assure your safety — and that of your family and friends — while you are in our care.

Open communication and a spirit of partnership are essential for a totally safe environment. UPMC fosters a “culture of safety” in all our hospitals by actively providing opportunities for our patients and medical team members to share their concerns and insights. By swiftly identifying safety problems and reporting errors, we can continually improve patient safety.

We also know that the best results occur when everyone is involved in patient safety — from each member of the UPMC health care team to you, our patient. Working together, we are making steady progress toward our goal of zero errors:

  • Through patient safety initiatives, such as reducing falls, medication safety, and infection prevention, you can directly help create a safer environment.
  • By using the latest best safety practices and technology — in the surgical suite, emergency department, and in the hospital room — we are working to improve patient outcomes.