Education and Training at the Wolff Center

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The Wolff Center works throughout the U​PMC system to provide our staff with dynamic and clinically up-to-date education on a range of topics. Our goal is to empower staff with the tools and the information they need to not only provide excellent care, but also to discover ways we can improve on our delivery of care.

On any given day, UPMC staff might be learning how to design an improvement project, or using simulation to practice the best response to a heart attack. You might find them practicing how to properly wear protective equipment to keep a cancer patient safe from infection, or working with simulated patients to practice difficult end-of-life conversations with families in the Intensive Care Unit.

Through these and other education and training efforts, the Wolff Center partners with UPMC staff to help them provide the best possible care that we can for you and your loved ones. In addition to creating our own educational resources, the Wolff Center collaborates with clinical experts to develop educational material and experiences that reinforce our mission of safe, quality patient-centered care.