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MedCall Teleconferencing Services

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UPMC physicians make every effort to send information to referring physicians. Nevertheless, a telephone conversation between the referring and receiving physician may be necessary. Such conversations can ensure the continuity of care and facilitate quality care.

UPMC MedCall facilitates telephone conversations between physicians by offering teleconferencing services. Calls connecting two, three, and four physicians are available. E-mail conferences are also available.

The referring or receiving physician may request a teleconference through UPMC MedCall.

Receiving Physician Requests Teleconferencing Services

The receiving physician calls 412-692-2400 or 1-866-884-8579 and requests a “back referral teleconference” with the referring physician. In some cases, the MedCall representative is able to locate the referring physician while the receiving physician is still on the line; in many cases, the receiving physician hangs up while the MedCall representative finds the referring physician. The physicians are connected, via MedCall, at a later time, when all parties are available.

Referring Physician Requests Teleconferencing Services

The referring physician calls 412-647-7001 and requests a follow-up on a patient who was referred to UPMC. The MedCall representative arranges for a convenient time to receive the follow-up and connects the two physicians on the day and at a time the physicians choose.