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Transfers and Direct Admissions for Your Patient at UPMC in Central Pa.

Easy patient admissions with just one call.

Call UPMC in Central Pa. Transfer Center for assistance with:

  • Direct Admissions
  • Transfers
  • Outpatient Procedures Needing Admission
    • GI/endoscopy
    • IR
    • Short stay units
    • Cath Lab

Advantages of Calling UPMC Transfer Center:

  • Immediate connection to accepting or consulting provider
  • Real-time decisions on patient acceptance and placement
  • Reliable and immediate point of contact
  • Three-way conference call with recording capability for safe and efficient patient flow
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

This process applies to admission at all seven UPMC in Central Pa. Hospitals (Carlisle, Community Osteopathic, Hanover, Harrisburg, Lititz, Memorial, West Shore).

Transfer Center FAQs

What can UPMC Transfer Center help you with?

We help with arrangements for patient direct admissions, hospital-to-hospital transfers, outpatients needing admission (GI/endoscopy suite, IR, short stay units, cath lab). The Transfer Center also assists with outpatient scheduling for patients coming to UPMC  Emergency Department Observation Unit for procedures like PICC placement, blood transfusions, and infusions.

What are the advantages of calling UPMC in Central Pa. Transfer Center?

You have a reliable and immediate point of contact – no transfers between departments and no waiting on hold. You get answers quickly, receiving real-time decisions on patient acceptance and placement. You are connected to an accepting or consulting provider on a 3-way conference call with recording capability for safe and efficient patient flow.

What is the process for direct admissions or transfers?

You will call 717-988-2337, where you will be connected with a member of our patient placement operations team. They will gather the following information, which you should have readily available:

  • Patient name, DOB, SS Number
  • Patient location (hospital, office, home)
  • Patient contact information
  • Patient diagnosis
  • Reason for admission
  • Patient insurance (if available)
  • Requested time of admission
  • Bed type needed
  • Requested accepting service (hospitalists, ICU, subspecialty, etc.)
  • Requested UPMC in central Pa. facility
  • Brief clinical summary
  • Any specific environmental, cultural, or language needs

You will be connected with a hospital provider, and after a brief discussion and case review, recommendations will be made on acceptance versus other care plans.

Which doctor at UPMC Central Pa. do I call to arrange a direct admission or transfer?

By calling 717-988-2337, you will be connected with the Transfer Center, which will collaborate with you to determine the most appropriate physician for your patient's clinical diagnosis and level of care. You do not need to know the name of a physician at UPMC in Central Pa. in order to refer a patient.

What type of conditions are appropriate for direct admission?

Most stable patients with a clear diagnosis and treatment plan are eligible for direct admission. By calling 717-988-2337, you will receive guidance through collaboration with one of UPMC's providers. Patients with questionable stability may be appropriate for direct admission after said discussion occurs. If it is determined that the patient does not require inpatient or observational hospitalization, he/she may be referred to an outpatient facility or the emergency department rather than direct admission to UPMC in central Pa.

What is the phone number for the UPMC in Central Pa. Transfer Center?

717-988-2337. Remember, one call, that's all!

Who should I contact if I have any questions, concerns, or positive comments about my Transfer Center experience?

Please feel free to reach out to Ramin Yazdanfar, MD. He is the medical director of UPMC Transfer Center and would be happy to help in any way. His email is

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