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Lead Poisoning Prevention and Education Program (LPPEP) at UPMC in Central Pa.

UPMC in central Pa. continuously serves their surrounding communities through childhood lead education and prevention efforts. Given the recent media attention on lead poisoning, UPMC in central Pa. is pleased to announce that we accept referrals for children with elevated blood lead levels (EBLL) up to age twenty. The UPMC in central Pa. Lead Poisoning Prevention and Education Program (LPPEP) will offer lead prevention education and environmental home inspections to families of affected children.

Using the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations, lead levels of 5mcg/dL or greater can be referred for contact and follow-up for lead poisoning prevention education and/or a home Environmental Investigation (EI). Even low levels of lead in blood have been shown to lead to multiple educational, behavioral, and medical problems and the effects of lead exposure cannot be corrected. No safe blood lead level in children has been identified.

Providing education and interventions to prevent toxic lead levels before negative outcomes occur is vital to prevention of lead poisoning. Lead poisoning prevention and lead education information via phone, including literature about lead prevention is free for all, and client referrals are welcomed.

There is no charge for Medical Assistance clients, and a sliding fee scale will be applied for non-MA clients.

Finding the sources of the lead enables us to halt the progression of the lead toxicity by suggesting permanent and temporary remediation, providing health teaching to break the barrier of lead to mouth contact, and reviewing nutritional information.  A detailed Lead Risk Assessment report is distributed to the family, landlord if applicable, city codes department, State Health Nurse, and the child’s physician.

We make referrals to Pennsylvania Early Intervention, as well as other social service agencies including Head Starts.

We offer these services to at risk children and their families living within several  Central PA counties. Together we can make a positive difference in child health by lowering the number of children with lead poisoning.

Anyone can refer a child with elevated lead levels of 5mcg/dL or greater to our program by:

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