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Magee's Center for Women with Disabilities Facility

Accessibility to care is key to good health. Some 27 million women with disabilities in the U.S. face difficulty and discomfort in accessing women’s health care. Our equipment is specially designed to make women’s health care for those with disabilities fully accessible.

Women with disabilities need access to timely gynecologic and breast exams in addition to their special health care needs. The Center for Women with Disabilities is designed to overcome physical barriers to routine women’s health care.

For example, women in wheelchairs are weighed on a scale in their chairs and the wheelchair is weighed separately later. Our mammogram equipment is wheelchair accessible. As some women with disabilities experience leg spasms, we can accommodate them with specially designed stirrups for safety, security, and comfort.

Our specialized equipment includes:

  • Scales for weighing women in wheelchairs
  • Universally accessible exam tables
  • Patient lifts
  • Padded hydraulic stirrups for comfort