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​Information for NICU Parents

The following guidelines have been established to protect the safety of you and your baby and to provide the best possible medical and development care for your baby while he or she is in need of NICU services.

We have many professionals available to help you. The unit has social workers, developmental specialists, developmental psychologists, and chaplains available.

Please tell your nurse or other unit staff member if you wish to speak to one of these professionals. If you have any questions, please ask the nurse, health management coordinator, or discharge nurse educator working with you and your baby.

Calling the NICU

  • To reach the NICU from inside the hospital, dial 4420 from any in-house phone. From outside the hospital, call 412-641-4420.
  • Please tell the health unit coordinator your name, your baby’s name and who you wish to speak with (doctor, nurses, social worker, etc.). These individuals may be busy with other patients, but the health unit coordinator will take your name and phone number and have the professional call you back as soon as possible.
  • If possible, please call ahead and let us know when you are planning to come visit your baby. The health unit coordinator will inform your infant’s care team that you are coming.

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