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​Division of General Surgery

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Resident Surgical Services

General Surgery - Vascular

E. Avgerinos, MD
M. Eslami, MD
M.E. Lally, MD
S.T. Simone, MD
K.R. Stahlfeld, MD
T. Simone, MD

General Surgery II - Laparoscopy Surgery, Colon/Rectal Surgery

J.A. McKeating, MD
H.W. Sell, Jr., MD

General Surgery IV - Trauma/Acute Care Surgery

A. Corcos, MD
G. Elias, MD
G. Howell, MD
C. Six, DO
J.A. Ziembicki, MD

Thoracic Surgery

O. Awais, DO
L. Christ, MD
M. Schuchert, MD

Passavant, PGY2-4

M. Brozovich, MD
R. Draper, MD
K. Garrett, MD
D. Geller, MD
D. Medich, MD
D. Motto, MD
P. Pollice, MD


K.R. Stahlfeld, MD


E. Diego, MD


C. Gorunescu, MD
K. Ondecko-Ligda, MD

Pediatric Surgery

B. Gaines, MD

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

G.M. Stofman, MD


W. Delfyette, MD


M. Wijkstorm, MD
A. Tevar, MD