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Autism Treatment Network

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The Center for Autism and Developmental Disorders, working with the Child Development Unit at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, is one of 15 sites in the national Autism Treatment Network (ATN). The ATN is a network of treatment and research centers dedicated to improving care for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder.

The ATN is the first national formal collaboration of hospitals, physicians, psychologists, and other health caregivers working to improve care for people with autism.

The ATN tries to bridge gaps in the knowledge and understanding of autism. The goal of the network is to improve identification of the medical needs of children and adolescents with autism by establishing standards of clinical care based on research and shared clinical practice. The ATN will help with medical referrals and will work with your child’s primary care physician. Through open research collaboration, trainee mentorship, medical education, and participation in conferences, the ATN is dedicated to establishing those standards of care for autism in the
medical community.


Diagnostic Assessment

Through the ATN, children receive diagnostic assessments and medical evaluation from physicians who have extensive experience working with children and the medical issues that can accompany autism. ATN staff are committed to improving insurance reimbursement for autism treatment to improve access.


Contact Us

The ATN office is located in the South Side section of Pittsburgh, PA. Please call 412-235-5445 for more information.