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Autism Care Network (ACNet)

The Center for Autism and Developmental Disorders is one of 20 sites comprising the Autism Care Network (ACNet). ACNet is a network of treatment and research centers dedicated to improving care for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder.

The ACNet is the first national formal collaboration of hospitals, physicians, psychologists, and other health caregivers. The Network’s goal is to improve care for people with autism by connecting the dots between families, researchers, and health care teams to continuously advance service delivery and care. As a learning health network, family and patient insights often drive research questions to understand what treatments are most effective for which patients. Findings are subsequently shared with providers across the Network, allowing for more rapid changes in service provision and treatment.

How Does ACNet Work?

When children with autism and their families visit the Center for Autism and Developmental Disorders (CADD), they are given the opportunity to enroll in the ACNet research registry. The data from CADD visits becomes part of continuous information exchange and research that is shared across the Network. The lessons learned from combining information from thousands of families across North America will have a significant impact on how Network sites address the needs of children with autism.

Contact Us

The ATN office is located in the South Side section of Pittsburgh, PA. Please call 412-235-5445 for more information.