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Inpatient Treatment for Eating Disorders

Our 10-bed, licensed psychiatric inpatient unit serves patients of all ages who are severely underweight or in need of medical stabilization because of:

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To make an inpatient referral or for questions regarding a hospital admission, please call 412-624-1000.

To refer to any outpatient levels of care, please provide your email address to receive a link to our patient intake form.

For general questions regarding any outpatient levels of care, please call 412-246-6390.

UPMC Center for Eating Disorders
3811 O'Hara St.
Eighth floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Bellefield Towers
100 North Bellefield Ave.
Lower Level
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Goals of Inpatient Treatment

  • Stabilizing nutrition
  • Restoring minimally adequate body weight
  • Alleviating related physical symptoms
  • Reducing of eating disorder behaviors

Types of Treatment

  • Group therapy
  • Skills training
  • Medication assessment
  • Family therapy (This is critical for all patients with eating disorders, but especially for those under age 18.)

From a Patient

"I just wanted to say thank you for everything. For telling me the truth, helping me face the fact that I needed inpatient help and for setting me up. Thanks so much for helping me find my way back to me.”

Note: This patient's treatment and results may not be representative of all similar cases.