Also part of the UPMC family:
Also part of the UPMC family:

Giving to the Eye & Ear Foundation

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The Department of Otolaryngology relies on competitive grants in order to remain a leader in medicine, but the decreasing availability of and fierce competition for these funds often make it difficult to obtain what we need to continue making life-changing and life-saving breakthroughs.

The Eye & Ear Foundation of Pittsburgh works with patients, families, physicians, and other private donors to create giving opportunities that enable us to seed research and fund researchers, medical staff, and cutting-edge technology at the UPMC Department of Otolaryngology.

Contributions can be made as one-time gifts, pledges over a several-year period, or through giving vehicles such as bequests or charitable trusts.

Ultimately, the generosity of others makes what we do possible. There are many areas of critical need in which you can make a difference. If you or someone you know is interested in helping us save lives and improve the quality of life for people in our community and around the world, please contact:

Director of Development
Eye & Ear Foundation
203 Lothrop Street BST-S119
Pittsburgh, PA 15213