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​Ear, Nose, and Throat Patient Stories

Kalei Bogetti: Allergies and Nasal Polyps

Kalei Bogetti | UPMC

Kalei's need for allergy medication, nasal sprays, and sometimes pain medication because of her allergies and nasal polyps led her to surgery at UPMC. Learn more about her experience.

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Billy Price: Vocal Cord Cyst

Billy Price - Voice Center Patient Story

Faced with progressing voice issues, this popular soul singer turned to the experts at the UPMC Voice Center to help find his rhythm again.

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Craig: A Lost Voice

Craig ENT with a microphone

Craig was unable to speak above a whisper for nearly eight years, until he found help at UPMC.

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Glenda Wilson: A Throat Tumor

Glenda - Robotic Head and Neck Surgery Patient Story

When traditional surgeries failed to remove a tumor at the base of Glenda’s throat, she turned to advanced robotic head and neck surgery technology at UPMC.

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