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UPMC Comprehensive Epilepsy Center Patient Stories

Read our patient stories and learn about the epilepsy treatments we offer.

Note: These patients' treatment and results may not be depictive of all similar cases.

Michael Albers: Epilepsy

Michael Albers wears a black collared button up shirt. He has glasses and brown hair. He is standing outside.

Michael's goal was to live a seizure-free life. Learn how he achieved his goal with treatment at UPMC.

Read Michael Albers's story

Merissa Fitzpatrick: Epilepsy

Merissa wears a black and white floral print dress and a black cardigan. She has red earrings and a red necklace. She has short brown hair and wears glasses. She stands with her husband who wears a blue suit and blue tie.

In 2013, Merissa had her first grand mal epileptic seizure. After moving to Pittsburgh a few years later, she turned to UPMC for care.

Read Merissa Fitzpatrick's story

Jessica McCoy: Epilepsy

Jessica sits in her wheelchair in front of a garden with a floral sculpture in the shape of a butterfly. Her husband James hugs her. She wears a bright t-shirt with red, orange, green and blue stripes.

Jessica struggled with seizures for over 20 years and turned to UPMC for care.

Read Jessica McCoy's story

Sara Myers: Epilepsy

Sarah Meyers sits outside on a hay bale next to her small black and white dog. She wears a red sweater, jeans, and brown ugg boots. She has brown hair and glasses. There are two pumpkins resting by her feet.

Sara has struggled with seizures since she was a child and turned to UPMC for care.

Read Sara Myers's story

Darlene Otlowski: Epilepsy

A quotation from Darlene in white text on a purple background. It reads: "This new life is better than anything I've ever had. I'm so much happier and healthier."

After decades of untreatable seizures, Darlene had hope she would finally reach seizure freedom and underwent a temporal lobectomy.

Read Darlene Otlowski's story