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Neurovascular Diseases and Disorders Surgery Program

Experts in Neurovascular Surgery

UPMC neurosurgeons are among the most experienced in the nation for treating a variety of potentially life-threatening neurovascular conditions and diseases, including:

Using an array of surgical and minimally invasive treatment options, our vascular neurosurgeons collaborate to seek the best technique — or combination of techniques — for your neurovascular disease or condition. In our neurovascular surgery program, we:

  • Focus on sophisticated treatments that enhance the ability of our doctors to minimize damage and maximize the benefits of surgery.
  • Hold weekly meetings to determine the treatment options that give patients the best chance to return to normal functioning.
  • Are pioneers in developing new techniques and tools for neurovascular surgery.

UPMC is also the nation’s leading provider of Gamma Knife® radiosurgery.

Over its 25-year history at UPMC, Gamma Knife stereotactic radiosurgery has been used to treat nearly 12,000 people, including many with vascular malformations.

Neurosurgery In the News

Read more about UPMC's advancements in neurosurgery in the news, including a new study that determined for some patients, there may be a longer time limit to administer treatment after a stroke.