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Brain Tumor Surgery Patient Stories

Our stories below profile some of the patients who came to UPMC for brain surgery.

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Garry Lytle: Acoustic Neuroma

Headaches and vomiting led to the discovery of a large brain tumor across Garry's head. Experts at UPMC were able to remove the tumor and get Garry back to enjoying life.

Headaches and vomiting led to the discovery of a large brain tumor across Garry's head. Experts at UPMC were able to remove the tumor and get Garry back to enjoying life.

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Betsy Alberts: Meningioma

Betsey Alberts wears a coral colored shirt and a floral, gray and white scarf. She has shoulder length blonde hair with bangs.

After being diagnosed with a large meningioma, Betsy underwent a traditional surgical procedure followed by Gamma Knife radiosurgery to keep the tumor from returning.

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Mark Boughton: Epidermoid Cyst

Mark sits in his office. He has rounded glasses, and wears a black suit with a blue tie. He has white hair cropped short.

As the mayor of Danbury, Connecticut, Mark turned to the experts at UPMC when a large cyst threatened to end his run in politics.

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William Byrd: Colloid Cyst

William stands with his family and his doctor. He wears a gray shirt and a baseball cap. His wife wears an orange sweatshirt, and their son wears a gray hoodie. The doctor is wearing a suit.

Headaches, memory loss and fainting spells were signs of a life-threatening cyst in William Byrd's brain. He found relief—and a chance to get his life back—at UPMC.

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Lauren Dirling: Brain Tumor

Lauren has long, straight brown hair and brown eyes. She is smiling. She wears a gray sweater.

When this dedicated athlete and college student learned she had a massive brain tumor just as she was finishing college, UPMC got her back on her feet, tumor-free, with plenty of time to spare before her graduation ceremony.

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John Fisher: Brain Tumor

John smiles. He wears tinted yellow glasses and a red and white plaid t-shirt. He is bald. He shows a 3-d model of a ferris wheel.

After being diagnosed with a large brain tumor that was causing vision loss, this renowned woodworker sought the help of the experts at UPMC.

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Chris Hahn: Meningioma

Chris smiles. He is wearing a blue v-neck t-shirt. He is bald.

Doctor's found a brain tumor above Chris' right eye. Learn more about his procedure and experience at UPMC.

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Thomas Knox: Esthesioneuroblastoma

Thomas and his wife hug. He wears a matching blue baseball cap and sweatshirt. She wears a black blouse, and has shoulder length curly blonde hair. His hair is short and gray.

When Thomas developed a rare cancer in his sinus cavity, UPMC neurosurgeons acted quickly to remove the mass using the EEA technique.

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John Lynch: Arteriovenous Malformation

A purple background with white text that reads: "Thank goodness for the Gamma Knife. Life is good, and I'm glad to be alive," by John.

When John Lynch was diagnosed with a potentially fatal brain disorder 25 years ago, he turned to groundbreaking Gamma Knife Radio surgery at UPMC.

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Karen Amato Schwartz: Glioblastoma

A purple background with white text which reads: "The neuroendoport allowed me to return to a normal life more quickly than traditional surgery ever could," by Karen,

This freelance writer faced the ultimate deadline, as her team of UPMC neurosurgeons raced to remove a tennis-ball sized tumor using the Neuroendoport® approach. Discharged after two days, she began the next stage of treatment and was soon back to her normal routine.

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Harry Shields: Meningioma

A quote with white text on a purple background which says "There is a lot of regret for what we lost by not knowing what was wrong. Now every day is a celebration," by Deboarh, Harry's wife.

When Harry developed severe personality changes due to a large tumor, he turned to UPMC to get his life back.

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Earl Smalley: Meningioma

Earl and his wife sit in a doctor's office. He wears a black and white striped polo shirt. She wears a coral blouse and beaded necklace. He has gray hair. They both wear glasses.

An apple-sized tumor in Earl Smalley’s brain was causing weight gain, depression symptoms, and low energy. He found relief through the experts at UPMC.

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Joe Stuckert: Brain Metastases

A purple square with white text that reads "Gamma Knife was a blessing for me" by Joe.

Hoping to return to his active lifestyle after treatment for brain tumors, Joe Stuckert chose Gamma Knife radiosurgery at UPMC.

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Travis Stangroom: Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma

Travis is young. He has light brown hair. He is smiling. He wears a blue shirt.

When Travis needed surgery for a juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma, his family saw the benefits of minimally invasive Neuroendoport surgery.

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Troy: Glioblastoma Multiforme

Troy wears a black suit, red collared shirt, and black and white chekred tie. He hugs his wife who wears a black and tan printed dress.

A large lesion was found in the right parietal lobe of Troy's brain. He found help at UPMC.

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