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Chiari Malformation Patient Stories

Our stories below profile some of the patients who came to UPMC for brain surgery.

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Meghan Barp: Chiari Malformation

Image of Meghan.

Meghan suffered from chronic headaches for 33 years before a fainting spell led to a diagnosis of Chiari malformation — a rare brain abnormality. Learn about the South Carolina CEO’s search for a surgeon and the life-changing care she received at UPMC.

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Isabella: Chiari Malformation

Isabella sits on a mountain overlooking the coat of the ocean. She wears sunglasses, a blue shirt, and black leggings. She smiles. Her hair is half pulled back.

The first surgery Isabella had to treat her headaches and dizziness didn’t work. After two years of debilitating symptoms, she found UPMC and experienced the healing she’d been waiting for.

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MaryMartha Ford: Chiari Malformation

Mary Martha wears a purple sweater and a pink blouse. She has dark brown hair.

An avid dancer and singer, MaryMartha faced with a lifetime of symptoms caused by Chiari malformation. She found hope – and relief – at UPMC.

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