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Neurovascular Patient Stories

Our stories below profile some of the patients who came to UPMC for brain surgery.

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Amanda Tocci: Brain Aneurysm

A young woman poses for a picture by the ocean. She wears aviator sunglasses and a gray scarf. She has a black t-shirt, and long, brown hair. She is smiling.

When this fitness enthusiast and college senior was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm, the experts at UPMC were able to help her graduate on time and pursue her dream career.

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Ashly Hunt: Cavernous malformation

Ashly sits on a rock in a forest. She has on boots, jeans, and a black coat. She has blonde hair and she is smiling.

Ten years after undergoing her first brain surgery at UPMC, Ashly suffered from a second brain hemorrhage that required complex care. She once again turned to the chairman of neurological surgery at UPMC, Dr. Robert Friedlander, for his expertise.

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Cindy Orlandini: Arteriovenous malformation

Cindy squats and poses with her arm around her golden retriever dog. She is smiling. She has shoulder length blonde hair and wears a brown jacket.

Cindy experienced a major brain bleed from a congenital defect, which prompted her partner to take her to UPMC for immediate, expert care.

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Crystal Kreitzbender: Arteriovenous Malformation

Crystal sits in a car posing for a picture. She has long, straight brown hair. She is smiling.

When Crystal discovered she had a congenital defect in her brain that could have dangerous consequences if left untreated, she chose to put her care in the hands of neurological surgery expert, Dr. Robert Friedlander.

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David Lucas: Artery Stenosis

David plays bass guitar on stage while wearing a three piece suit. The suit jacket is black, but his vest and shirt are white.

When musician David Lucas was diagnosed with carotid artery stenosis, the experts at UPMC were able to help him recover and get back to playing guitar.

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Heather Abramovic: Cavernous Malformation

Heather pets her horse's muzzle. She has straight shoulder length brown hair.

When this busy college student suffered a series of life-threatening brain hemorrhages, she and her family turned to experts at UPMC.

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Isaac Cohen, MD: Cavernous Malformation

Dr Isaac Cohen smiles. He sits at a table with a bowl of soup and a glass of wine. He has brown hair and a beard. He wears a gray long sleeve shirt.

After Dr. Isaac Cohen, a Florida anesthesiologist, experienced hemorrhages from an abnormality in his brain, he traveled to UPMC for surgery.

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Mark Roberts, MD: Brain Aneurysm

Mark Roberts has a gray well-trimmed beard. He has gray hair. He wears glasses. He is smiling. He has on a lab coat and blue collared shirt.

When Dr. Mark Roberts, a professor and a physician was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm, the experts at UPMC were able to help him recover with personalized care.

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