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Spine Surgery Patient Stories

Dolores Grandizio - Scoliosis Patient Story

Meet Dolores

When Dolores needed surgery to correct a severe curve in her spine, she turned to the experts at UPMC to help her get back to being the active and energetic person she once was.

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Kersten Klein – Lumbar Disc Herniation Patient Story

Meet Kersten

This busy bank employee, faced with living with severe and debilitating back pain, found relief and a speedy recovery through minimally invasive XLIF® surgery at UPMC.

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Hannah Snyder – Lumbar Burst Fracture Patient Story

Meet Hannah

When a near fatal car accident severely fractured this high school senior’s spine, the experts at UPMC were able to correct the damage using advanced, minimally invasive surgery.

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Michael Gazda - Ruptured Disc Patient story

Meet Michael

This hardworking outdoor enthusiast, faced with debilitating back pain, turned to the experts at UPMC for relief.

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Denis Patla- Lumbar Stenosis Patient story

Meet Denis

When this avid hockey player began having severe leg pain caused by lumbar stenosis and a herniated disc, he nearly had to hang up his skates for good.

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Anjelita Weller - spine patient story

Meet Anjelita

This passionate gardener started to experience severe leg pain, turned to the experts at UPMC for relief.

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