Telemedicine Services at UPMC in North Central Pennsylvania

UPMC is breaking down barriers that people in North Central Pa. face in accessing specialist health care. Those who live outside major urban centers no longer need to travel for hours simply to see a specialist.

Through telemedicine, you can virtually meet with doctors right from your home or local outpatient telemedicine center. If you struggle with new technology, don't worry. For on-site telehealth visits at the center, nurses set up the video call for you.

Our telemedicine services are both high quality and accessible.

Types of Telehealth Care at UPMC in North Central Pa.

We offer telehealth visits in a range of areas, including:

Your provider will recommend a telehealth visit if they think it's appropriate for your condition.

Benefits of Telemedicine

Through telemedicine, you can meet with experts in your health condition — without traveling hours to see them.

This has major upsides, including:

  • Earlier diagnoses and faster access to treatments.
  • Closer tracking of chronic conditions.
  • Time savings (many people save hours in travel time per appointment).
  • Cost savings (gas and other travel costs).
  • The same high-quality care you expect from an in-person visit.

What To Expect During a Telemedicine Consult

For a scheduled video visit that you access from your home, you would start the appointment by signing in to your patient portal.

For an onsite telehealth center visit, you'll check-in at the front desk as you would with an in-person doctor visit.

Then the on-site nurse will:

  • Take you to the exam room.
  • Weigh you and check your blood pressure.
  • Ask about your symptoms and any medicine you take
  • Connect you to the doctor through a high-speed and secure video call.

Your virtual care specialist can:

  • See and talk to you much like they would if they were sitting in the room.
  • Look at your medical records and prior test results on their screen.
  • Ask you to make a follow-up telehealth visit with them if needed.

Your on-site nurse may use medical equipment that securely sends your doctor real-time data. These include Bluetooth stethoscopes, cameras, and other devices.

The nurse may then leave the room so you can speak with the doctor in private.

When the call ends, the nurse will give you a printed summary of your visit that may include information about:

  • A new diagnosis or new treatment.
  • Further tests or procedures.
  • Where to go for testing or care.

You can book your next appointment before you leave, or later, by calling our clinic or booking online.

Schedule a video visit.