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We’ve made some of our information convenient for you to take on the go.

If you need help talking to your physician about patient blood management before surgery, use one of these printable tools. Choose any or all of the PDFs to download, read, print, and take with you when you visit your doctor before surgery.

  • Patient Blood Management - Do you want to learn more about patient blood management at UPMC? Download our guide to patient blood management. The guide includes a work sheet that can be completed with your doctor when planning for surgery.
  • Patient Blood Management: Anemia and Pregnancy - Are you pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant? Do you want to learn more about what you can do to incorporate patient blood management into your delivery plan? Be sure to read and review our educational flier with your obstetrician.
  • Blood Transfusions: What You Need to Know - Do you have questions about blood transfusions, blood products, the risks, and techniques you can use to reduce your need for blood transfusions during surgery? You can learn about these things and more by reading our educational flier.
  • PRP Therapy: Using Your Blood for Natural Healing - Popularized by professional athletes, PRP therapy can be an alternative to surgery in some injury cases. Find out how PRP therapy works by reading this article as published in UPMC Today magazine.