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UPMC Content 2

The resident will demonstrate a commitment to carrying out professional responsibilities, adherence to ethical principles, and sensitivity to a diverse patient population.


  1. Develops a sensitivity of the unique stresses placed on families under care for congenital anomalies of the hand.
  2. Exhibits an unselfish regard for the welfare of hand patients.
  3. Demonstrates firm adherence to a code of moral and ethical values.
  4. Is respectful to hand patients and their families especially in times of trauma and stress to the family unit.
  5. Respects and appropriately integrates other members of the hand care team.
  6. Provides appropriately prompt hand consultations when requested.
  7. Demonstrates sensitivity to the individual patient's profession, life goals, and cultural background as they apply to hand surgery.
  8. Is reliable, punctual, and accountable for own actions in the OR and hand clinic.