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Kathy: Occupational Therapy

When Kathy fell last October and fractured her humerus bone, the long bone between the shoulder and the elbow, she tried to keep her positive outlook.

“Being an optimist can sometimes be a drawback,” said Kathy. “We tend to get disappointed a lot.”

Kathy figured she would be back to normal within six to eight weeks but was shocked when her hand swelled to twice its normal size and remained that way. With swelling and arthritis setting in, Kathy was immobilized in her left quadrant for over two months.

“At that point, I couldn’t imagine doing the things I love like playing in the swimming pool with my grandsons, gardening, and all the things Pittsburghers like to do after a long, cold winter,” said Kathy.

It was then that her orthopaedic surgeon referred her to Patrick Wholey, an occupational therapist at UPMC Rehabilitation Institute in Greentree.

"Patrick and his student Jonathan couldn’t have been more kind and caring to me,” said Kathy. “With their excellent know-how, my arm and hand have been totally rehabbed.

Kathy is back to driving with confidence and is looking forward to this summer in her garden and swimming pool. She’s grateful for the care she received.

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