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​Physical Therapy Patient Stories

Read the stories of some of our physical therapy patients. If you have a story to share, please fill out our online form.

Meet Bill

After living with back pain for more than 30 years, Bill decided to deal with it once and for all. His primary care physican recommended UPMC Centers for Rehab Services and soon after, became a patient at UPMC CRS Erie – North East.

Bill worked with Physical Therapist Scott Wozniak, who was quick to pinpoint and explain the reason for Bill’s back pain.  

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Meet Vincent

After a fractured back left him unable to do yardwork or play with his grandchildren, Vincent decided it was time to do something about his pain. Vincent heard about UPMC Centers for Rehab Services from his physician and soon after, became a patient at UPMC CRS Erie.

Vincent worked with Physical Therapist Chris Payne, who was always diligent to find the right program specific to Vincent’s back issues.

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Meet Melinda

Melinda Patient Story

After a motorcycle accident, hospital physicians gave Melinda a 5% chance of walking again. With help from the physical therapists at UPMC Centers for Rehab Services Seneca, Melinda can now walk with straight leg braces for over 200 feet.

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Meet Doug

For three years, Butler resident Doug, 54, was plagued by knee problems. He tried conservative treatments like anti-inflammatories and steroid injections. He also sought physical therapy from a local provider.

“Both knees just gave me pain,” he shares. “It was disappointing, especially since I retired at 47 and now these issues were holding me back from the things I wanted to be able to do.”

When it was clear that he wasn’t getting any relief, Doug made the decision with his orthopaedic surgeon, Thomas Muzzonigro, MD, that it was time for joint replacement surgery – one knee at a time.

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Meet Cara

Cara Lyons While crossing the street to get to class one day, Cara, a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh, was struck by a car in the crosswalk. Although she was disoriented at first, she shook it off thinking she was fine. When she stood up, she had severe pain shooting through her foot and ankle. Thankfully her roommate was nearby and was able to help her.

Nine days in the hospital and four surgeries later, Cara had a lot of healing to do after suffering from an ankle fracture and a Lisfranc injury, in which bones in her midfoot were broken.

“All the little things became a major ordeal,” said Cara, who has been a dancer all her life. “Being in a wheelchair and needing a shower, going to classes, getting to the library, or being able to go out with friends was all very challenging.

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