Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation Stories

Read the stories of some of our balance and vestibular rehab patients. 

Adrianne: Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation

Image of Adrianne.

Adrianne, an active 26-year-old, was doing toes-to-bar exercises at her local gym when she fell from the bar. The intense fall led to a skull fracture, brain bleed, and concussion. Vestibular and exertion physical therapy helped her get back to the gym.

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Cheryl: Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation

A woman smiles. She has short red hair, blue eyes, and wears a striped collared shirt and bright red lipstick.

Cheryl, a retired UPMC nurse, was used to being active and on her feet; however, after going through chemo, she was left with numbness in her feet and balance issues. A former colleague recommended Cheryl try physical therapy focused on post-chemo symptoms.

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Don: Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation

Don - Balance and Vestibular Rehab Story

Don had suffered from a mild case of vertigo for years. He had learned to live with it, but daily activities, such as sleeping, were still a nuisance. Don’s doctor recommended he try physical therapy.

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