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Doug: Physical Therapy

For three years, Butler resident Doug, 54, was plagued by knee problems. He tried conservative treatments like anti-inflammatories and steroid injections. He also sought physical therapy from a local provider.

“Both knees just gave me pain,” he shares. “It was disappointing, especially since I retired at 47 and now these issues were holding me back from the things I wanted to be able to do.”

When it was clear that he wasn’t getting any relief, Doug made the decision with his orthopaedic surgeon, Thomas Muzzonigro, MD, that it was time for joint replacement surgery – one knee at a time.

“I understood going into surgery that I was going to need rehab after,” Doug says, “so I wanted to be sure I had the best plan in place.”

Having felt unmotivated with prior physical therapy experiences, Doug decided to switch providers. He chose UPMC Rehabilitation Institute – Butler Clearview Mall, which he says was a smart investment.

“I had my surgery in September and within six weeks, I was bending my knee at 130 degrees – my goal,” he shares, proudly.

Doug was diligent with his exercises and credits his physical therapist Amy Seeley.

“She [Amy] always has a game plan, which definitely motivated me,” he says. “Amy has an ability to show empathy and patience, all while pushing you toward your set goal. She’s the type of person you want as a life-long friend.

“And it was a total team effort, all for the patient, all for me,” he continues. “Jacki and Dawn always assisted Amy and I could tell they were working together.” Having worked in the retail industry for most of his career, Doug is always one to appreciate exceptional customer service.

“To say I was impressed by UPMC is an understatement,” he shares. “It’s clean. Everyone is friendly. You can tell the team, led by the director Rebecca, has worked to create an environment that is welcoming, that is built on success.

“Ashley and Kelli at the front desk greet every single person who comes through the front door,” Doug continues. “These are things that make someone feel at ease. I felt like I was a part of something.”

As he prepares for his other knee to be replaced in January, Doug says it’s a “no brainer” when asked if he’ll return to UPMC for rehab.

“It’s crazy to think I’m looking forward to having my second knee replaced, but Amy and the team have given me the confidence to be successful.”

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