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Joseph: Physical Therapy

Image of Joe smiling.

After hurting his right leg and hip playing recreational ice hockey, Joseph’s pain lingered for months. In summer 2022, he decided to seek help, leading him to the UPMC outpatient rehabilitation clinic in Erie Harborcreek.

Joseph worked with Scott Wozniak, PT, MDT, a physical therapist certified in the McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT), who was able to pinpoint and treat his hip pain. Together, they worked to increase Joseph’s range of motion in his hip and leg, using McKenzie hip exercises and other motion techniques.

“I was surprised at how fast physical therapy helped to reduce my pain and discomfort,” says Joseph. “I had already seen some improvement within the first two weeks!”

Joseph continued to improve with each visit, increasing his range of motion and reducing his pain.

“Scott really took the time to listen to me and determine the reason behind my pain,” says Joseph. “Thanks to him, I was able to run around and play with my kids again, and I’m back on the ice playing hockey.”

McKenzie Method® is a trademark of The McKenzie Institute.

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