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Vincent: Physical Therapy

After a fractured back left him unable to do yardwork or play with his grandchildren, Vincent decided it was time to do something about his pain. Vincent heard about UPMC Centers for Rehab Services from his physician and soon after, became a patient at UPMC CRS Erie.

Vincent worked with Physical Therapist Chris Payne, who was always diligent to find the right program specific to Vincent’s back issues.

“Chris was easy to work with and always wanted to try something new,” Vincent said. “My experience at CRS Erie was excellent. Everyone was always so friendly and welcoming,” Vincent said. “I would recommend CRS Erie to anyone. I wouldn’t ever go anywhere else for therapy.”

Because of Vincent’s daily exercises, he now has no pain or numbness.

Vincent plans to get back to yardwork and playing with his grandchildren once he has mastered the exercises he was given. 

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