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12th Annual Celebrating Senior Champions | UPMC Senior Services

A Special On-line Event

To our generous supporters, thank you! The 12th annual Celebrating Senior Champions was like no other and with your help was better than ever. Held virtually, on October 22, 2020, UPMC Senior Services recognized remarkable individuals and organizations who have created a better life for seniors and caregivers living in western Pennsylvania. All proceeds help to sustain the UPMC Senior Communities Benevolent Care Fund. Through the kindness of donors and sponsors, the event has presented nearly $1.7 million in net proceeds to further charitable care throughout UPMC Senior Communities since 2009.

We truly appreciate the generosity of the individuals and corporations who have partnered with us in supporting this wonderful cause. Western Pennsylvania is a stronger, healthier community because of your contributions to the cause of aging well.

Grand Champions

Scott Lammie
Senior Vice President, Business Development
Board Treasurer, UPMC Insurance Services Division

Klunk and Mathis | Grand Champions

Scott Lammie will receive the UPMC Senior Services Grand Champion Award. The Grand Champion Award is the highest honor given and is presented annually to an individual who has provided unparalleled leadership in improving the lives of seniors. Scott has worked in the healthcare field for more than 30 years and knows the impact a community can have on its people. He is not a spectator of life in Greater Pittsburgh; he’s an active participant in making our region a better place for all. Well known for his strong leadership and dedication to community service, Scott has made a lasting mark on the Pittsburgh region through the numerous volunteer boards and committees that he serves.

Community Champion

Hill House Association and program transition partners
Emma Lucas-Darby
, Board Chair

Lisa Scales, Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank | Community Champion

Hill House Association and program transition partners will receive the UPMC Senior Services Community Champion Award. The Community Champion Award is given annually to recognize exceptional organizational leadership to improve the lives of seniors. Emma Lucas-Darby, board chair for Hill House Association, will accept the award on behalf of the group. Under Emma’s leadership and collaboration with community organizations, the Hill House Association and program transition partners have successfully allowed the continued growth of many services provided to seniors in the Hill District. The group’s efforts to make the community a better place for seniors speaks to a successful legacy and a secure future of caring.

Caregiver Champion

Richard Morycz, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Medicine, and Social Work

Ralph T. DeStefano | Caregiver Champion

Dr. Richard Morycz will receive the UPMC Senior Services Caregiver Champion Award. The Caregiver Champion Award recognizes an extraordinary individual who champions for the well-being of seniors through innovative efforts to influence care and awareness of seniors and their caregivers. Dr. Morycz’s outstanding contributions and ongoing work in the field of gerontology have made an impact on the lives of countless seniors in Pittsburgh and beyond. His untiring efforts have made western Pennsylvania a much better place to age.

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October 14, 2021

13th Annual Celebrating Senior Champions Dinner and Auction

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