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Services at The Green Home

We tailor our services to meet your unique needs, striving to help you remain independent and comfortable, whether you are here for a short or long-term stay following surgery, injury or illness. Our services range from rehabilitation therapies and medical care to general personal care services such as nutrition and counseling. We have a handicap-accessible van to transport our residents to and from medical appointments and other related activities. Your individualized treatment plan could include any of the following major services:

Physical Therapy Services

The Green Home Physical TherapyWhether recovering from joint replacement surgery or building up strength after a lengthy illness, our in-house therapists work with you one on one to get you back to a higher level of independence. We aid you in a variety of therapies, including walking rehabilitation and muscle strengthening, as well as transfer techniques for patients in beds and wheelchairs. While you’re recovering, you can expect nothing less than the full attention of our round-the-clock staff to assist you with whatever you may need.

Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational rehabilitation involves teaching our residents self-care skills and helping them relearn daily activities like dressing, bathing, food preparation and eating. No matter what your level of functioning is following your surgery, injury or illness, our supportive occupational experts can help you progress in your independence.

Speech/Language Therapy Services

Following stroke or other medical setbacks, our speech and language therapists are ready to begin rehabilitation as soon as possible to ensure the best possible outcomes and improvement in your communication abilities. Not being able to communicate as you normally would can be frustrating, but our staff is always here to provide both physical and emotional support to set you back on the path to recovery.

In addition, we offer a rehabilitation dining program that can enhance the dietary intake of residents, and vital stim therapy services for dysphagia patients.

Additional Medical Services

During your stay at The Green Home, you may require or request to receive other medical services, all within the convenience of our facility. Such services may include medical social work, counseling, nutrition services, podiatry services, radiology services and even dentistry. We strive to ensure you receive the best possible medical care, as well as emotional and physical support.

Hospice and Palliative Care

In addition to our primary services, we offer on-site palliative care and hospice services for patients with advanced chronic disease or a life-limiting illness. Our goal is to help residents face the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges of their condition and work with them and their families to provide comfort and support during this time. Our team can participate in discussion, actively monitor residents to manage pain and symptoms, and help patients obtain peace in their moments of trial.

Bereavement Services

Following the passing of loved ones and residents of The Green Home, we offer bereavement services and follow-up support to friends and families throughout the first year. This may include both individual support and/or group support, as well as full access to the materials and resources in our bereavement library. Our friendly, knowledgeable support staff encourages you to take full advantage of these services in the wake of your loss.

Pennsylvania Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST)

POLST forms turn your wishes for medical treatment into actionable medical orders if you ever become unable to make those decisions yourself. The form stays with you as a reference for all your caregivers. Ideally, a patient should complete this during a discussion with loved ones and family members. It must be signed by your physician, certified nurse practitioner or physician assistant. The form addresses treatments such as CPR, comfort medical interventions, antibiotics and artificially administered hydration/nutrition. Ensure you receive the medical care you want by reviewing and completing the form below.

Download the POLST form (PDF).