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Heart Failure Treatment and Patient Services at UPMC in Central Pa.

The Heart Failure Center offers a full range of services to help patients and families manage congestive heart failure.

Why choose UPMC in Central Pa. for your heart failure treatment?

When you choose UPMC in Central Pa. for your heart failure treatment, you will receive expert care from a team of highly qualified heart failure specialists. Our nurse navigators are experienced in heart failure care and understand the unique needs of heart failure patients and their families.

In addition to providing comprehensive heart failure care, we offer a range of supportive services to help you navigate your treatment and manage your condition. And, if you require additional cardiovascular care, the specialists at UPMC in Central Pa. have the skills and experience needed to perform advanced cardiovascular procedures and offer you the latest treatment options.

What inpatient services does the Heart Failure Center offer?

We have three dedicated Heart Failure inpatient units:

We also have three other nursing units with telemetry at UPMC Harrisburg for inpatient heart failure care.

If you are admitted to the hospital, a nurse navigator from the Heart Failure Center will visit you to follow your progress, help determine why you were hospitalized, and assist the health care team to develop a plan for your return home.

The nurse navigators work with the health care team to identify any personal barriers that may prevent you from following your plan of care for heart failure, such as inability to afford your medications, lack of transportation, no close family, visual problems, etc.

How can the Heart Failure Center help me manage my outpatient care?

All heart failure patients need outpatient and follow-up care. You should see your Primary Care Physician (PCP), cardiologist, or nurse practitioner in the Heart Failure Center within 5-7 days of being discharged from the hospital. Your UPMC in central Pa. case managers can help you make this appointment. In addition, our nurse navigators will call any agency (home care, skilled nursing facility, rehab, etc.) that is responsible for your care upon discharge to coordinate your heart failure care.

What other services does the Heart Failure Center offer?

Patient Education

Guide to living with heart failure (PDF).

Understanding heart failure and how you can reduce your symptoms is key to living a healthy life. We provide education and information for patients and their loved ones on topics including:

Extended Visits

Extended visits are available if you require treatment such as intravenous diuretics for heart failure.

Group Classes

To provide the education and support that you need, we offer group classes conducted by health care providers, such as dietitians, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, and social workers. Visit our Classes and Events Calendar for upcoming heart failure group classes.


Telemanagement is a specially designed phone follow-up program. You will be contacted by a nurse at specific intervals to discuss how to stay healthy at home, identify early heart failure symptoms, and review educational material provided in the hospital. You may be enrolled in a program that requires you to measure your blood pressure, weight, and oxygen levels every day.

How do I become a patient at the Heart Failure Center?

You must be referred to the Heart Failure Center by your doctor. After your doctor has referred you to the Heart Failure Center, you will be evaluated by our nurse navigators. Together with your doctor, our nurse navigators will develop an individualized plan to help you better manage your heart failure.

How much does the Heart Failure Center cost?

Office visits with the cardiologist or CRNPs will be billed to your insurance and a co-pay will be required. There is no cost to attend the HFC for an appointment with the nurse navigators. If you have questions about coverage, please feel free to contact the HFC nurse at 717-231-8445.


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UPMC Advanced Heart Failure Center
Located at Medical Office Building 2
2005 Technology Parkway
Suite 300
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

Phone: 717-231-8445

UPMC Advanced Heart Failure Center
Located at UPMC Harrisburg
111 South Front Street
2nd floor
Harrisburg, PA 17101

Phone: 717-231-8445
Fax: 717-231-8459

UPMC Advanced Heart Failure Center
Located at UPMC Outpatient Services
Formerly known as Bloom Outpatient Center
4310 Londonderry Road
2nd floor
Harrisburg, PA 17109
Phone: 717-920-4201
Fax: 717-920-4269

UPMC Heart and Vascular Institute
360 Alexander Spring Road
Carlisle, PA 17013

Adult Cardiology: 717-243-6557
Pediatric Cardiology: 717-761-0200
Fax: 717-243-0102


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