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Sports Nutrition Patient Stories

Our team at UPMC Sports Medicine is dedicated to helping athletes and active people of all ages and skill levels. If you’re looking to improve your overall health or sports performance by eating healthier and fueling your body appropriately, our sports nutrition experts can help.

Hear about the impact our sports nutrition services have on the lives of some of our patients.

Louie’s Story: Sports Nutrition Helps Former Defensive Lineman on Weight Loss Journey

Since his sophomore year at St. Francis University, Louie had worked with UPMC Sports Nutrition to gain and maintain muscle as a defensive lineman. Weighing 270 pounds in March of 2019, with graduation approaching in December, Louie decided to approach Jeff about a new nutrition plan — a weight loss and healthy living journey to help guide him into this new phase of his life.

Read Louie’s story.

Sandra’s Story: How Sports Nutrition Helped Improve One Runner’s Race Times

After completing a 2016 marathon, Sandra felt she could have performed better and was ready to make some serious life changes. She heard about Jeff and UPMC Sports Nutrition at a marathon seminar and never turned back, eventually losing over 20 pounds and running at the pace she had back in her 20s.

Read Sandra’s story.