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Orthopaedic Surgery Patient Stories

Everyone has a story, so we gathered the best of the best. Each of these testimonials tells a real-life story about how our patients overcame obstacles with help from our surgeons.

Bonnie U.: Orthopaedic Surgery

Bonnie U.: Orthopaedic Surgery

Farming is a major part of Bonnie's life, but after years of working on the farm, the wear and tear took its toll on Bonnie’s hip. After an x-ray and MRI of her hip showed she needed a complete hip replacement, Bonnie turned to orthopaedic surgeons at UPMC WIlliamsport.

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Caden: ACL Surgery

Caden is back to playing sports after his ACL surgery.

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Craig Uhler: Hip Surgery

Craig Uhler | UPMC

As Craig Uhler was running a race he felt pain in his knee. Further examination showed he had a broken femur and needed hip surgery.

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Katie Cecil: Stress Fracture

Image of Katie Cecil.

Katie Cecil, a collegiate tennis player, suffered from a stress fracture in her foot. She received surgery and was able to return to the sport she loves.

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Kevin: Back Pain

Kevin Luster, 62, was doing construction at a friend’s house in April 2020 when he fell and broke his back — for the second time in 20 years.

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Ryan: L1 Spinal Fracture

It was only Ryan's second time skiing when he jumped off a ramp and landed wrong, leading to torn back muscles and an L1 spinal fracture that was causing paralysis from the waist down. Learn about Ryan's emergency spine surgery and rehab, as well as how he is beating the odds today.

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Taylor Seaman: Achilles Tendon Tear

Image of Taylor.

Taylor Seaman, a former competitive gymnast and current cruise performer, tore her Achilles tendon during a performance. She travelled back to Pittsburgh to receive care at UPMC.

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Tyler Waltz: Knee Pain

Tyler Waltz | UPMC

Tyler Waltz blew out his knee at a rodeo. Learn more about his experience at UPMC.

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