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Performance Services Patient Stories

Our team at UPMC Sports Medicine is dedicated to helping athletes and active people of all ages and skill levels. If you need an extra push to get back to your level of play after an injury or simply wish to improve performance, our experts in cycling, dance, running, and sports performance can help.

Hear about the impact our performance services have on the lives of some of our patients.

Brandi’s Story: Competitive Weightlifter Trains with Sports Performance

Image of Brandi

After sustaining back-to-back meniscus tears in both knees and trying several treatments, Brandi could not perform at the level she needed to. Ron’s understanding of a weightlifter’s performance needs helped Brandi perform better than ever before.

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Mark Hunkele: Nasal Breathing to Increase Performance and Decrease Stress

When Mark Hunkele, 52, was training for one of the many marathons he's run, he hoped to improve his training routine. He turned to sports performance director Ron DeAngelo, an advanced instructor of the Oxygen Advantage™ program, which focuses on "scientific breathwork to optimize health, mental clarity, and performance.”

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Julie’s Story: Georgia Marathon Runner Travels for Sports Performance Training

Image of Julie

After recovering from a hamstring injury that she ran on for about two years, Julie’s marathon times were suffering. Upon a referral to Ron at sports performance, she had a flight from Atlanta to Pittsburgh in a matter of days.

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Kate’s Story: Sports Performance Training After ACL Surgery

Image of Kate Carnevale

While recovering from surgery to repair a torn ACL, Kate worked with the experts at the UPMC Sports Performance Program to get back on the court.

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Lauren’s Story: Addressing Hip Imbalances in Competitive Marathoner

Marathon runner Lauren suffered from a pelvic stress fracture, but she was able to return to running after receiving treatment at UPMC Sports Medicine and training at the UPMC Sports Performance Program.

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Luke’s Story: Return to Play After Back-to-Back ACL Injuries

Image of Luke

Even when Luke was released to play after surgery to repair his ACL, he needed additional training after physical therapy to reach the level of competition he had before. That’s where UPMC Sports Performance entered the picture.

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Niko’s Story: Italy-Bound Goalkeeper Trains with Sports Performance

Image of Niko

When he noticed pain in his hamstring while training for his junior season, Niko turned to his UPMC Sports Medicine team physician. But after treatment and physical therapy, he wanted more training to relieve inflexibility and stiffness. Ron was able to help.

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