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Image of doctors performing surgery.
Image of doctors performing surgery.

Multi-Organ Transplant at UPMC

People in need of multi-organ transplant can find hope at UPMC.

Established in 1981, UPMC Transplant Services has performed more than 20,000 organ transplant surgeries, including multi-organ transplants such as:

  • Heart-liver transplants.
  • Heart-kidney transplants.
  • Heart-liver-kidney transplants.
  • Heart-lung transplants.
  • Lung-liver transplants.

Our transplant experts collaborate across specialties to provide life-saving transplant options to all patients who will benefit – even if they are considered high-risk.

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What is Multi-Organ Transplant?

During a multi-organ transplant procedure, two or more organs are replaced with healthy donor organs. Typically, the organs are from the same donor to help lower the risk of rejection and are transplanted during the same surgery.

Why Choose UPMC for Multi-Organ Transplant?

For more than 40 years, UPMC has been here for patients through every step of their transplant journey – from first consultation to post-transplant care.

With a strong legacy in excellence and innovation, we have achieved many milestones in the field of multi-organ transplant.

  • UPMC was the first center in the world to perform a successful heart-liver transplant.
  • UPMC was the second center in the world to perform a successful heart-lung transplant.
  • UPMC was the first center in the world to perform heart-liver-kidney transplant.
  • UPMC surgeons have performed more than 2,350 lung and heart-lung transplants since the program began.
  • UPMC transplant surgeons have performed more than 20 heart-liver transplants.

Our experts have a distinguished history of pioneering transplant procedures, providing a second chance at life for many patients.

Refer a Patient

The UPMC transplant team takes a collaborative approach to care with referring physicians.

To refer your patient, call 1-844-332-1650.

Celebrating More than 40 Years of Transplant at UPMC

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The Importance of Transplant Care Partners

The transplant journey can be complex. Your transplant care partner plays a key role in the transplant process, both before and after your procedure. Learn the responsibilities of a transplant care partner.

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